Do You Need an Attorney to get a H1B Visa?

There are several ways in which an immigrant can obtain a Visa to enter the United States. One of those ways is through a special lottery Visa. With this program, random names are selected out of applicants to receive their green card, so long as all the other criteria is met for immigration. When you wish to apply for this Visa, known as h1b visas Boston, do you need an attorney?

This is a personal decision that you will make. An attorney costs a great deal of money, but there is a reason for those costs. The attorney understands the laws of immigration, as well as the changes that are made to the laws and regulations. In fact, new changes have been made to the H1B visa program that many are unaware of yet. The lawyer knows as he is always up to date on such information.

The money that is spent to hire an attorney is usually money well spent. The costs of hiring an attorney vary depending upon your specific needs, however, this is usually one of the more reasonably priced services. An attorney will talk to you during a no cost consultation to discuss your case in depth, and help you complete all paperwork necessary if you decide to retain his services.

Although it is not required by law to hire an attorney, doing so can benefit you immensely since they handle all of the paperwork and know the laws so well. It is beneficial to have someone on your side, and may even speed things up a great deal. But, when the day is done, only you can decide if you want to have an attorney on your side or if you prefer to go it alone.